Manual A Call to Battle: Becoming a Warrior for God

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David then hears that the Ammonites and Arameans are sending soldiers to do battle against him.

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David dispatches Joab with his strongest fighters to meet the opposition. He did not hear that the Ammonites and Arameans were coming to do battle and find a place to hide. He was ready and he had prepared his armies to be ready. What is your mission?

Ephesians 6:11

Where is God calling you to be a warrior? Are you ready for the battle? Honestly, the missions are all around us. We live in a culture that fights against God and His purposes every day.

Do Christians have a battle to fight?

Do you have children? Your mission is to instruct them, to lead them, and to protect them. As a husband, your mission is to fight for your marriage in a world that does not value marriage. Your mission as a Christian man is to stand firm for Jesus not wavering in the daily battle.

Your mission is to be a man of integrity and honor that stands out from the crowd and is not afraid to stand out. In your workplace, your mission is to not cut corners or to cheat someone or to do whatever it takes to make a buck or two. Every night they go to bed, take it up a notch.

A Call to Battle

Father God when I say take it up a notch I mean to increase the intensity of it, not the size of it. Father God keep increasing the intensity of this anointing.

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Father become their rock, fortress, tower of safety and give them spiritual strength, tactics and strategies for war. Father God the armor you are about to place on their spirit must at least have these seven I am about to list. The Helmet of salvation for their head 1 Thessalonians 5: Bind and put to a stand-still all evil curses spoken toward them, their families and their businesses.

Start a revival in their homes and in their neighborhoods. Bind up the evil spirits, principalities, rulers of darkness and demons of division, strife, violence, bullying, and murders which have been taking over their community.

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