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After striking it rich and then losing everything, Jesse and Penny join the Pony Express. The job is a tough one, but Penny loves a challenge! Love horses and history? In the latest book in the Horse Diaries series, meet Lily, a strawberry roan Welsh pony with a competitive heart! Lily, a strawberry roan Welsh pony, loves Pony Club!

Horse Diaries Series by Catherine Hapka

Then Bridget joins the Pony Club. The English girl was sent from London to escape the bombings brought on by war.

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Gwen tries to be friends, but Bridget is sour and mean. Even worse, Bridget and her horse, Bron, make the perfect jump look easy. Now Gwen and Lily have some real competition. Cinders Horse Diaries Special Edition. In the s, firefighters needed horses to pull the fire trucks. But horses spook easily and run away from fire—so they needed fire dogs. Cinders is a dappled gray horse with a bad reputation. When he first arrives at the firehouse, he refuses to even enter his stall. Will he learn to brave the flames in time to stand up to the biggest, fiercest, most frightening fire the city has ever faced?

Read Dog Diaries Special Edition: For all lovers of horses and history, the beloved Horse Diaries series is heading to the circus! The Netherlands, Luna is a black Friesian mare with one small white crescent- moon marking on her forehead. She lives a quiet life on a farm. Luna bonds with a girl named May, who dreams of starring in the show, just like her older sister.

Horse Diaries #2: Bell’s Star

Mar 24, Pages Middle Grade He was bred for hard work, yet he longs to run free with his human friend, Katie, on his back. But when Star helps rescue a runaway slave girl, his ideas about freedom may change forever. With exciting and knowledgeable text and lovely black-and-white art throughout—both by real horse owners—Horse Diaries are the perfect fit for all lovers of horses and history! From the Hardcover edition.

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A Virginia author of more than twenty-four novels for children and teens, Alison Hart is an avid horse rider who loves a good mystery. She has been reading and writing about animals since she was a girl. The story takes place on the farm in Vermont, and in Canada.

There are tons of horses on the farm and Star makes three friends. One day Katie and Star are taking a light run by Horse Diaries: One day Katie and Star are taking a light run by the river and they find a runaway slave and she is separated from her parents. Katie ends up giving Star to Eliza so she can get to Canada.

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When Eliza and Star get to Canada she finds her father and mother and has freedom. The mother and father thank Star, give her hay, and then Star goes back home. I suggest it to any horse lover.

View all 3 comments. Feb 05, Ann added it. The horrors are hinted at, not dwelt upon, so this might be a good introd The 5. The horrors are hinted at, not dwelt upon, so this might be a good introduction to slave catchers etc. Nov 30, B rated it liked it Shelves: The premise of a diary "written" by a horse would probably be appealing to a horse crazy kid but it didn't work that well for me. Nevertheless this series also takes kids back into time and they work better as historical novels.

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In this one, the horse comes to the rescue of a runaway slave in 's Vermont. Dec 06, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: Calling all horse lovers! This series is told from the viewpoint of a horse in history. In this book it is a male Morgan horse used on a farm in Vermont shortly after the passing of the fugitive slave law.

Great horse information, although swallowing the parts where the horses speak to each other is a bit of a stretch, and good from a historical fiction standpoint. Jan 01, Lolly rated it it was amazing. Mar 07, Maykala added it. I love horses, so this is why I'm reading these books.

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They are really great books to read, so far. I think anyone that loves horses should read these books.

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Mar 20, Sharon rated it really liked it. I love the combination of a horse story and history. Great book for horse lovers of all ages! Jan 31, Melodi rated it it was amazing. This book is so cute, read it to my little siblings. They all loved it. Apr 01, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: From the start, young Katie loves Star, and has a strong bond with the horse.

Star likes Katie and her family, but he hates work and wishes he could just run free, a longing that Katie often shares as she must do many chores around the farm to help her family.

Horse Diaries Series

Three years pass, and it is now the spring of The Fugitive Slave Law recently became law, and now it is a crime to help runaway slaves escape to freedom in nearby Canada. When Katie is riding Star in the woods, she finds Eliza, a young slave girl who is trying to escape to Canada where she hopes to find the family she was recently separated from.

She must keep this a secret not only from slave catchers but her own family, who would not want her involved because it is dangerous to help a runaway slave. The story is fast-paced and teaches history painlessly, and I love the illustrations, they are completely adorable. If you know a young reader who loves history or horses this would be a great book to recommend or to give as a gift. Jul 17, David rated it liked it Shelves: