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Bennett, true to his Shaker background, was no skeptic materialist, but was sympathetic with many ideas of the Spiritualists, who were prominent at the time. Because of his espousal of free-thought and his distribution of a book judged immoral by the ilk of Comstock, Bennett served thirteen months in a New York penitentiary In England, he was warmly received by Annie Besant, with whom he had shared persecution for defending freedom of expression.

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In early , Bennett arrived in Bombay and met the two Founders, who became jointly his sponsors for membership in the Theosophical Society. After his return to America, his wife, Mary, also joined the Society in New York City and remained a member until her death in The Truth Seeker In addition to authoring D. Thursday, 24 December Roderick Bradford A sample preview of the video can be watched at http: Subscribe to our newsletter.

The Truth Seeker by Roderick Bradford and a documentary. Bennett was prosecuted, subjected to a widely publicized trial, and imprisoned in the Albany Penitentiary for thirteen months, in which his health greatly suffered. Despite a strong campaign in his favor for President Rutherford B.

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Hayes to pardon him, Hayes declined, pardoning the actual author Ezra Heywood instead. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Champions of the Church: Their crimes and persecutions.

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