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Kennedy draws on the latest research and a wealth of real-world examples to offer compelling evidence showing exactly how putting our differences to work accelerates innovation and contribution. She identifies five distinctive qualities of leadership that leaders must add to their portfolio of skills to make differences an engine of success. And she provides a detailed six-stage process for making the most of differences in the workforce, combining first-person best-practice stories and strategic with tactical ideas to help you put each step into action.

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Kennedy has written both a personal and a practical guide that changes the prevailing rules of how to think, behave, and operate as a leader, connecting four diverse elements of business and society that have traditionally been siloed: She and futurist Joel Barker also look at how new discoveries, including Web 2. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention debbe kennedy differences to work putting our differences fastest way high performance leadership high innovation leadership way to innovation work fastest book putting read the book diversity leaders organization ideas leader offers organizations personal action.

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The article above is a report ready-made for "Putting Our Differences to Work," underscoring the pertinence of the subject matter of Debbe Kennedy's book: Siemens is not alone. However, this book goes beyond the trite "'Diversity' solution" parroted by many industrial leaders; in fact, in so many ways, it is not quite about diversity.

Nor does the book apply to Industries and Businesses alone: And, do not expect the kind of pedantic presentation of material typically seen in Industrial and Business white papers, executive summaries, consulting reports and the sort. The story-telling style used for this type of material is entirely refreshing especially coming from an author steeped, as it were, in the tradition of Business and Industry: Often, one reads a book quite mindful of the title and generally oblivious of the subtitle: The title is married to the subtitle: Of course, considering what its chief is quoted as saying as above, Siemens could sure use the book, and there is Siemens everywhere!

One person found this helpful. Putting Your Differences to Work is a beautiful combination of strong research, case studies, personal stories and masterfully executed writing and design. Debbe Kennedy creates a strong case for why differences matter then she provides a thorough road map to help you implement this approach in your organization. Unlike many dry business books, this one offers a clear actionable process illuminated with insightful stories from her personal experience along with a broad range of case studies to illustrate the key points and bring the entire book alive.

This book is a must read for all organizational leaders. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It's a college textbook A very long sentence, and no way to refer back to it.

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The author, Debbe Kennedy has written an excellent book in an area where modern industries and services need a tremendous amount of help. As a corporate director of human resources, I can attest to the strengths that an organization will acquire by following the edicts in this book. The book's goal is to create an environment and culture where naturally different people work together more effectively as they attain - and surpass - the organizational goals in leadership and performance.

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Debbe Kennedy shows how differences can mean much more than just the solidified categories such as race and sex. Her use of real-world examples of varying experiences and styles of management drive home the point that the area of diversity should never be shunned or viewed as a mere consequence but rather as the source of strength for future growth and excellence.

In addition, I greatly appreciated the amount of research that went into this tome.

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  • This research lends an authorative tone to the work and makes it a compelling study in diversity. In today's age of hyper-blending of cultures, this book will be a great asset to those who approach the subject with an open mind and implement the ideas generated in this book.

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    Putting Our Differences to Work: The Fastest Way to Innovation, Leadership, and High Performance

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