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Your followers will see your profile, which you can access by clicking on the red thumb tack in the top right-hand corner. Give as much information as you can. Choose an image that best represents your brand, such as a logo. Make sure to add your website so users can visit you through it. Confirming your website allows you to see what people Pin from your website, and adds your logo to any Pins made from your site. Now that your account is ready to go, you need to start sharing and organizing content so that Pinners will have a reason to follow either your entire account or one or more of your boards.

The easiest way to save to Pinterest quickly is to install the Pinterest browser button , which allows you to Pin anything from the web with just a couple of clicks. Once you have added several Pins to your board, you can choose the most visually compelling to be the cover Pin. Besides pinning and making boards on behalf of your brand, you also have access to:.

Your profile will also show how many monthly viewers you have, and your total followers. Save time by managing your Pinterest for business account alongside your other social profiles. From the Hootsuite dashboard you can create new boards, compose new Pins, schedule them for later, and Pin to multiple boards at once. You can choose to use automatic buttons—in which case a clickable Pinterest Save button will appear on every image on your site—or hover buttons, which will appear only when someone hovers their mouse over the images.

Or, you can choose to add a Pinterest Save button only to a specific image on your site. Your photos should be clear, well-lit, well-composed, and—most importantly—in focus. Think about creative ways to showcase your product and your brand visually. After studying the performance of 50, promoted Pins, Pinterest found that lifestyle images generally outperform product images.

For instance, fashion and style Pins showing products in use in real life saw 30 percent more clickthroughs and percent higher checkout rates than those showing the product alone.

What’s so Special About Pinterest?

For example, this Pin from Hunter Boots showcases how their boots can be worn, rather than offering a plain close-up of the boots themselves. According to Pinterest, Pins showing someone using a product or service are 67 percent more likely to drive offline sales. Eighty percent of Pinners use the Pinterest app to access the network on mobile devices, so images should be optimized for a small screen. Vertical images are your best bet, since they give you more real estate to work with. The image ratio can be up to 1: If your image is taller than pixels, it will get cut off.

Adding a few words of text to your images can help give an immediate idea of what the linked content is all about. For example, food-related Pins that include a short text call-out get 23 percent more clickthroughs and 31 percent more saves. This Pin from Kraft Foods uses just the right amount of text:. Like the Pin from nail polish brand Essie below, you should also include a logo somewhere in your image.

Avoid the bottom right corner, as that spot often gets covered up by product icons. Finally, keep in mind that you can create multiple Pins with different images that point to the same webpage. This is not only allowed, but encouraged , since different images can appeal to different audiences. Make the most of the description field to tell viewers exactly what they will get if they click through to the linked content on your site.

Make sure to include your most important keywords to help your Pins appear in search but, of course, be sure to do this in a natural and helpful way rather than engaging in keyword stuffing. The description in this Pin from BobVila. According to Pinterest , this practice drives 2x higher awareness. If you create multiple Pins with different images pointing to the same content, make sure to create a unique description for each one. Then, make sure that linked content delivers on what you promise.

Quality content will get Pinners excited about following and interacting with your brand both within and outside of Pinterest. On the other hand, Pinterest penalizes Pins with broken links, so make sure all of your Pinned links are correct and up to date. Rich Pins are enhanced Pins that use metadata pulled from your site to provide extra information about what Pinners will find when they click on a Pin. Rich Pins are available for apps, recipes, products, and articles—in other words, they are almost certainly applicable to the content you are Pinning or hoping that others will Pin from your site.

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For example, Rich Pins for articles include a headline, the name of the author, the date the article was published, and a story description. Follow these instructions from Pinterest to get your site set up for Rich Pins. Pinterest is a social network, not a billboard.

10 Pinterest Tips for Businesses to Get More from the Platform

Follow boards or accounts from relevant but non-competitive brands in your industry, and make sure to actively like and engage with Pins related to your niche. After those first 10 visible boards, people will have to scroll down to see more. When someone clicks on your profile, you want to give them a good first impression. You want them to know that you are active, engaging and have great content. If you are branding your business name, you might want to have your business name as your Pinterest profile username.

This area is like the bio area on Twitter and should be short but provide a good description of your business and how you solve a pain point for your ideal customer. Connect your account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This may grab their attention and get them to follow you. Hashtags are no longer necessary on Pinterest as the search function looks for keywords in pin descriptions.

When writing your pin descriptions, make sure you are using the keywords most people would use to find your content. This makes it easier to be found and will create more followers as well. You can mention others in your Pinterest comments or pin descriptions to get their attention or to recognize someone specific.

How to Use Pinterest to Supercharge Your Social Media Presence

Type the symbol before starting to type the name of the person. A drop down box will appear and your choice should be displayed there for you to select. One quick note on this…you can only mention users who are following you on at least one board. When you mention someone using this method, they will get an email if they have their settings set up for email and the mention will be linked back to their profile. This is a great way to quickly pin things you see while surfing the Internet.

Once you have installed the extension, you will be able to simply right-click, choose Pin this Image from the drop down and be able to choose the board that you want to pin it to. If you see a great pair of shoes, you will be able to pin that image to a board on your Pinterest account. Not only will it pin the graphic but it will link back to the originating source. A good description will more than likely follow the graphic as it gets repinned so make sure that you include your business name in the description this is particularly important if your username is not your business name.

Make sure you are using a graphic in your blog posts that is clearly associated with the content.

In other words, do not use a graphic of a camel if you are talking about how to grill a great steak. Images that are really sparking a lot of pins on Pinterest are powerful visuals and tap into emotions in some way. You might want to consider adding a clear text description to your graphic so that it is clear what your content is all about; like the graphic at the top of this blog post. When creating graphics for your blog posts, be sure to include the name of your post as well as the URL of your site…that way you get the credit wherever your image is shared!

Since most of us now spend at least as much time on our mobile devices as on our computers, the mobile app is a must! It will allow you to browse, pin, repin and even take photos to pin right from your phone! Please feel free to share below! You can co-manage Pinterest boards with friends or people around the world with the same interests.

That way you connect with fellow pinners.

Pinterest Marketing Tip #2 - How to Research Keywords on Pinterest

I have been using pinterest for some time but never realized what you mentioned under 5. Mentioning others must have escaped my attention. The tricky thing is that the handle is case sensitive and is NOT always the personal name of the pinner. So you have to look up the handle on Pinterest. I love these tips! I had a blog the other day on The top 50 influencers in social media on twitter…you being on the list and you are certainly delivering! I am going to start implementing this tips and tricks!

I love pinterest myself and thanks for sharing more ideas for pinterest Kim. Can I take pins for Instagram , I love your tips on there. I also forgot to mention, the Shareaholic plugin actually reduces website speed really bad so I had to remove it unfortunately. I would say, add using Rich Pins. OK Kim this is great information and now that my wife amd I are starting a Social Media Business I will have to get a pinterest account.

Look what Mirv Wondracek just posted.. Look what Delia Rusu just posted.. How to install and configure the CommentLuv plugin on your WordPress blog. Thanks for this Kim — one useful tool I have recently discovered is an ap called Tailwind, this allows me to pin several posts at once, but schedule them out over several days.

One thing business owners and all pinners should avoid is multiple pins in one sitting.. I have been using pinterest to drive traffic to my retail site and its amazing to see how many purchases originated with a view on one of my boards. I am just beginning to use instagram and would love tips on how to use this platform for business as well.

Have you tried TrafficWonker.

7 Tips for Optimizing Your Brand's Pinterest Presence for

Very good article Kim. I like your posts! Look what David Kovacs just posted.. This information will definitely help me to make the best out of pinterest. Look what Sherman Smith just posted.. Wow, there is a crazy awesome amount of actionable advice in this article. I really appreciate how you pinpoint the usability and effectiveness of Pinterest for Business. What can you say about the other sites that tries to imitate Pinterest when it comes to its form?